3rd Anniversary of Writing Souls. What a Journey!

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This week it has been three years…seems like we started just yesterday….what a journey! From starting with a single writeup to creating content for dozens of clients today, from creating one ebook to showcasing over 100 titles today, it has been a journey full of learning, challenges, disappointments and success…we have seen it all. But we were able to get here today all because of the love we have received from all of you, our customers, our associates, our team members and our loyal readers.
We thank you all for this and hope you will continue to support us like this.
We are about to launch our very own app and are going to diversify into unknown territories. So we will need our readers and well wishers to stand by us.
We promise to keep you entertained with lively and interesting content.
With that being said, cheers to three years…

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