10 Tips To Get Healthy Skin

The skin is actually the outer layer of the human body. Healthy skin means a well-hydrated skin. Human skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system. Healthy skin has some specific qualities such as smooth texture, even colour, and also proper hydration. Here are 10 best tips to get healthy skin mentioned for you.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking sufficient amount of water not only makes your skin healthy but also keeps it hydrated and it helps to improve the digestion and immune system. A small amount of dehydration can affect your daily life so always try to keep hydrated.

2. Include Antioxidants and Organics in your Daily Diet

A rich amount of vitamin C intake leads to fewer wrinkles. So, Include all the vitamins and some healthy fats into your daily diet chart along with antioxidants and organics. You need to consume the widest variety of antioxidants. Make your plate as colourful as a rainbow.

3. Use Natural Skin Product

Maximum skin care products contain harsh chemicals. You have to be very careful while choosing moisturizers or other makeup products. Before buying these, research the ingredients in them and confirm that is they are safe for your skin.

4. Avoid Old Cosmetics

Using old cosmetics can harm your skin and make them harsh, lifeless, rough and dull. Try not to share your personal makeup kits with others. Always check the expiry date of the product before buying or using it. After all old is not always gold.

5. Be Stress-Free

Excessive stress can affect your skin. It may look dull and lifeless due to stress. Start doing yoga or meditation. Exercise daily. Try to keep yourself as much stress-free as possible. Express your sorrow, grief and tensions. Confide in your friends and openly talk to them about your worries and troubles.

6. Sleep Properly

Human skin mostly rejuvenates and repairs while we are sleeping. Just sleeping is not the solution. You need to have a quiet sleep.

7. Cleanse Your Skin Daily With Non-Toxic Products

Daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a must-do thing. Do it before you go to sleep and after waking up in the morning. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Exfoliation will remove the dead cells and will make your skin glowing. Remember that you need to buy nontoxic cleaning products such as cleansers. Your skin will absorb the cleaning products so if a cleaning product has toxins in it then that will be harmful to your skin.

8. Wave A Good Bye To Bad Habits

If you want healthy and glowing skin then you have to bid adieu to your bad habits such as smoking tobacco, drugs and drinking alcohol. These bad habits can be responsible for premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines and can also lead you to serious health issues

9. Give A Massage To Your Skin Very Often

Messaging the skin using creams and oils improves blood circulation. Massaging can help to replenish the skin cells. On other hands, all the essential nutrients that required by the skin are supplied to it by the blood. Regular massaging with upward circular motions will give you a healthy and glowing skin in the long run.

10. Modify Daily Routine According To The Season

You should change your beauty care routine according to the environment and season. You can choose oil control face packs and face washes during summer days and extra nourishing products for winters.

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Online Scam & Fraud – Semalt Expert Knows How To Minimize Exposure

The website plays a major role in people’s lives in the world today. Many websites offer genuine content and products. However, there are also others that online users should look out for all the same. The reason is due to the increased fraud and scam activities conducted online.

Oliver King, the leading expert from Semalt, provides the issues that can help to tackle online fraud and scam.

Most Common Internet Scams

The manner in which scammers try to gain information from unsuspecting users continues to diversify. The following is a list of ten top internet and email scams.

1. Nigerian scam

These are emails from a Nigerian who claims to be of royalty and expecting an inheritance and needs help to acquire it.

2. Guaranteed Credit Card Acceptance or Loan

They offer guaranteed acceptance of a credit card or loan. They may look believable since some credit card companies do charge a fee.

3. Lottery Scam

These are where victims continue to play sweepstakes but never win.

4. Phishing

These are links used to redirect users to websites where they try to convince them to part with personal information using tempting offers.

5. Overpayment scam

It involves stolen non-authorized money orders provided for expensive items. Once deposited into the bank, the scammer asks for the balance together with the item. Later is when the institution notified of a declined payment.

6. Career opportunities

Scammers offer an opportunity for employment and request bank details for commission payments. They take this opportunity to steal identities for further fraud.

7. Charitable donations

These benefit from the charitable nature of individuals where people send money to non-existence charities.

8. Free holiday

Travel scams may seem free, only to realize that they are expensive endeavors upon sign up and arrival.

9. Pyramid scheme

These are rich quick schemes with a slight variation that scammers reach out through emails.

10. Make money from the comfort of the house

These are sometimes genuine, but some scammers may want to take advantage such as sending money in exchange for juicy tips. They may also send programs which run multiple ad windows which are more advantageous to spammers.

Online Scam and Fraud Stats

Fraud involves pretenses, using a false identity, or creating counterfeit services or products. People are asked to care about minding the instance of this happening since it affects their security as well. Cybercrime is a constant threat and can be as damaging as someone breaking into one’s home. The average cost per individual has gone up by 50% from $197 in 2012 to $298 in 2013 with attacks increasing in sophistication. The cost to the US is $113 billion.

Recognizing Online Financial Fraud

The most common types of online auctions and e-store cries are non-delivery, misrepresentation, and the triangulation or mule scam. These involve some form of payment, and the goods arrive with no problems. Later, authorities inform that payment was illegal.

Other forms include:

  • Black market and counterfeit goods
  • Shill bidding in auctions where owners, together with accomplices, bid on their property to hike prices
  • Escrow service fraud which involves fake websites
  • The counterfeit payment plot

Contest and Romance Fraud

  • Online lotteries, Contests, and Sweepstakes
  • Prizes and Sweepstakes scams
  • Online dating scams
  • Foreign lotteries
  • Reshipping using U.S. residents
  • Mail Order Bride scams

Exploiting Human Nature

Spammers and fraudsters understand the human nature and exploit it for their advantage. Some of the scams used against people in difficult situations include:

  • Advance fee scams
  • Charities fraud
  • Internet pharmacy fraud
  • Other online frauds such as job scams, investment fraud, Nigerian scams, pyramid scams, online advertising fraud

Younger and Older Internet Users

Although online fraud and scams may be worrying and sometimes confusing, it is imperative that all individuals remain proactively protected by being alert, skeptical, and always questioning things that seem odd. To protect kids and older adults, one must trust nobody, lock down information, always be aware, defend all the gears and gadgets, seize teachable moments.

Online Fraud Risks for Business

Any business that does its activities online is at risk of fraudulent activity. Some of the tips to prevent it from such risk include:

  • Secure and protect all assets
  • Do not mix business with pleasure
  • Lock down the IT infrastructure
  • Dedicate a single computer to banking
  • Close any points of entry into the company
  • Conduct basic background checks on employees
  • Coverage is crucial

Fighting Back

Members can make use of the National Fraud Information Center, The National Cyber Security Alliance, The Business Software Alliance, and GetNetWise. The FBI recently teamed up with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Ghost Writng

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is that where anonymous writers writes books, manuscripts, articles for others. Political leaders, celebrities often hire ghostwriters for writing their autobiographies. Sometimes song writers hired ghost writers for writing songs and lyrics. Screenplay authors hire ghostwriters for writing and editing script. Sometimes ghostwriters have to do substantial amount of research to retain up the style of the author. For this sometime they acknowledged by the author and called “researcher” or “research Assistant”.

Ghostwriters are paid for their works but don’t get credit for that. It sounds odd but it is a common practice in the blogging world and in professional content writing. Sometimes ghosts take lower prices if the author shares the credit with the ghostwriter.

In this blog let me share some of my ghostwriting works which are published online, in the name of others!!!

Blog Writing Services

Convincing and engaging blog writing skill is all important in today’s blogging struggle. Trust me, it’s real! Quality content writing is not an easy job and time is just too short to do a thorough research on each digital content that you post on you site. Moreover, everything that you post today, gets pushed back over time. And, your customers and viewers always demand fresh, attractive and updated contents…

How to cope up with this pressure? What if you don’t have the necessary time or skill to keep your blog up-to-date? A professional blog writing service might be of great help to you!

But, how to look for a good blog writing solutions? What are the services on offer? Here is a brief survey on some of the well-known blog writing facilities.

In general, you get a complete blog management service from most of the established service providers, from understanding your business to content writing and posting. Textworkers, Blogmutt, Bloghands and Writeraccess are some of the popular content service providers that have already established their footmarks in this field. All of them provide expert blog writing solutions across various niches.

What about the monetary impact?

End of the day, it’s all about patience and consistency. Pace yourself nice and steady to apply your content management strategy. Your marketing investment will help grow your website ranking and connections, eventually realizing the return of your invested money.

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