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This week it has been three years…seems like we started just yesterday….what a journey! From starting with a single writeup to creating content for dozens of clients today, from creating one ebook to showcasing over 100 titles today, it has been a journey full of learning, challenges, disappointments and success…we have seen it all. But we were able to get here today all because of the love we have received from all of you, our customers, our associates, our team members and our loyal readers.
We thank you all for this and hope you will continue to support us like this.
We are about to launch our very own app and are going to diversify into unknown territories. So we will need our readers and well wishers to stand by us.
We promise to keep you entertained with lively and interesting content.
With that being said, cheers to three years…

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10 Things To Know About Uddanbati Kalpataru Utsav, Cossipore

Cossipore Uddanbati is a very famous place in and around the Baranagar area. This is actually one of the most popular Ramakrishna temples in North Kolkata. Thousands of tourists and devotees come here each and every year on the 1st of January. Here we are describing 10 things that you should know about the Kalpataru Utsav.

1. The Kalpavriksha

In Hindu mythology, Kalpavriksha is a wish-fulfilling divine tree. As per the Uddanbati authorities, this is the tree where Sri Ramakrishnadeb became Kalpataru. This is actually a peaceful and divine place and especially recommended for those who are looking for a peaceful environment along with spirituality.

2. The Kalpataru Utsav

On the first day of every year, Uddanbati celebrates the ‘Kalpataru Utsav’. More than a thousand devotees come from different places. It is not surprising that you have to encounter a huge crowd. You can also watch the proceedings from home on television. Many channels come to cover the occasion such as DD Bangla, and also other Bengali TV channels.

3. Sri Ramakrishna Dev

He was born on 18th February 1836 as Gadadhar Chattopadhyay at Kamarpukur village, Hooghly district. He was an Indian saint and Hindu Mystic in 19th century Bengal. Ramakrishna Deb had experienced spiritual ecstasies from a very young age not only that, he was influenced by several religious traditions too, including devotion towards goddess Kali, Vaishnava, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta. He died in Cossipore Uddanbati at the age of 50 (16th August 1886) due to Cancer.

4. The Spiritual Presence

This is the day when all the pilgrims can enter the ‘Ramakrishna Dev’s Room’. This is the room where he used to live in his last few days. Just entering this room on the New Year’s Day can take up your whole day, because there is a very long line. But after entering the room you can actually feel the spirituality there. This room is well maintained, and all the Sishyas are there as volunteers.

5. Cultural Programme 

They organise a cultural programme also where the students and other monks perform. You can just sit and enjoy the various programmes such as singing, dancing and much more.

6. Flower Garden

There is a well-maintained flower garden. The authority will not allow you to touch them but just seeing those big dahlias and other various flowers is also very eye soothing. You can actually find a perfect picture to click for showing others.

7. Daily Worship

The disciples are used to worshiping their Guru each and every single day here. This is actually a part of their daily work and you can also attend that with them.

8. The Bhog Prasad

They offer their pilgrims ‘Bhog’. People can simply have the Bhog and fill their stomach with this and also feel the blessings of God.

9. Address

Baranagar Cossipore Uddanbati is located at 90, Cossipore Road, Cossipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700002, Ramakrishna Math, Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Dev Sarani.

10. Other Places

Not only at Uddanbati, but Kalpataru Utsav is also celebrated at Dakshineshwar Kali temple, Belur math, Kamarpukur Jayrambati and many other religious places which are known for having a link to Sri Ramakrishna Dev.

Feature Image Courtesy: Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math

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10 Tips To Build Muscle Faster


Stress Reduce

Having stress is a very common and major problem in today’s life. So many people of various ages are facing this problem. Some are aware of it and some are still unknowingly dying from it on the inside every day. People should work on it and try to remain stress-free as much as possible. Stress is actually a feeling of being under too much pressure. Most of the people are suffering from moderate to high level of stress. Stress can affect people’s mental, physical, behavioural and psychological states. Anything like work pressure, difficult situations, negative thoughts etc. can cause stress. It can cause so many health problems.

Here are some tips for you mentioned below about Reducing Stress.

1. Rest Yourself Time To Time 

Tiredness is another reason for experiencing stress. And in return, stress can further disrupt your sleep. So, you need to leave stress out of your room and have a nice, deep sleep daily. Rest your mind regularly. Because constant thinking about something would not give a solution.

2. Be Social 

Spending some time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram and watching videos on Youtube is may be one of the new ways to stay away from stress. Seeing other people doing their stuff is quite interesting, but don’t end up overdoing it by spending endless hours on social media. And if you connect with people directly, in person, then it may be more precious and beneficial for you. Stay connected with people(both online and more importantly, offline), talk about good and happy things.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine and Caffeine

Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are the most widely consumed psychotropic drugs worldwide. The effects of nicotine administration on stress system response are well documented. Acute exposure to nicotine via smoking causes an immediate spike in cortisol(it fires up the alarm system of the body) even in habitual smokers and it can happen only within a minute. And on another hand, heavy consumption of alcohol can damage your liver and other body organs as well as your system too.

4. Say ‘NO!’

Maybe there are so many important people in your life and they might have so many expectations from you. But you cannot fulfil every single expectation of each and every person. It may be so difficult to refuse them, you may think that they can get hurt. But it is impossible to fulfil all the expectations of a person so you have to learn how to say NO to them. Maybe that will hurt the person but it will save you from stress. You might feel bad while saying No, at least the first time. Instead of that, you may use some pre-prepared phrases to let them know, like – “I am sorry but I cannot commit to this as I have other important work to do at the moment”, or “I would love to do this, but…”, or “This is not the correct time, I am in the middle of doing something, why don’t you ask me again at…?”

5. Meditate

Regular meditation helps to reduce a huge amount of stress. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce stress. What you have to do is to sit straight with both feet on the floor and close both your eyes, Concentrate properly, focus on your attention. Chant a mantra silently or loudly as you wish, It may be “I love my self” or “I feel at peace”. Let the stress move out gently.

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

Overeating of junk-food may affect your mental as well as physical health. Having unhealthy food can upset your stomach which can be the reason of having stress. Have healthy food daily with sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and protein. Eat fresh fruits and a sufficient amount of water daily.  Do not let stressors affect your life.

7. Exercise Regularly


Exercise is probably the most important thing to combat stress. Regular exercising can improve your metabolism and build your strength. Not only physical exercise, we are talking about some other physical activities and also mental exercises. These activities can produce endorphins. It is the chemical in your brain that acts as a natural painkiller, and also improves the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

8. Give Time To Yourself

You have to take more care of yourself. You can list the things that hurt you and start avoiding them so that they do not hurt you again. Stay away from the person with whom you feel unsafe. Avoid those who laugh at you and get closer of those who laugh with you. Talk with someone who you trust. Try to avoid the things that distract you and stay focused towards your goal. Love yourself.

9. Massage

Massage therapy is actually a great way of reducing stress. In this therapy, the therapist manipulates the body’s muscles and sensitive tissues to relieve pain and tension and elevates muscle relaxation and manipulates the deeper layers of muscle. If the message is done using essential and warm oils then it will be more fruitful.

10. Laughter Therapy

Laughing is actually good for health. It not only reduces stress but it also improves one’s immune system and mood on a long-term basis. It is very hard to stay anxious when you are laughing so keep laughing when you are feeling stressed. You can also watch some funny videos and shows to divert your mind.

Featured image courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tree_leaf_clover/

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